• 160 LED Video Light
  • 160 LED Video Light

160 LED Video Light

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This incredible video light features 160 pcs of LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser. On / Off switch rotates for brightness adjustment as needed. It is designed with the the standard cold shoe plug, so it can be installed on the DSLR with standard hot shoe. Multiple power options including rechargeable battery and 6 AA batteries. This package also comes with three filters (white filter to soften the light; amber filter to reduce color temperature; pink filter to cut greenish cast), suitable for different environments.

Package Content:

1 x LD-160 LED video light

1 x Cold shoe adapter

3 x Filter (Pink, Amber, White)

1 x Battery holder for Panasonic D series Batteries

Compatible Batteries:

Sony NP-FH70, NP-FM55H, NP-F550; Sony FP series (FP50, FP70, FP90); FM series (FM50, FM55H,FM500H, QM71D, QM91D); F series (F550, F570, F770, F960, F970); FV series (FV50, FV70, FV90); FH series (FH50, FH60, FH70, FH90, FH100) Panasonic CGR-D16S; Panasonic D series (D16S, D28S, D54S)