• DSLR Rig Video Stabilizer Kit
  • DSLR Rig Video Stabilizer Kit

DSLR Rig Video Stabilizer Kit

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Video shooting stabilizing kit for DSLR and video cameras, to provide reliable support. Film and cameras can move around the bracket conveniently.  Lightweight aluminum alloy, easy to shoot and carry; delicate and beautiful appearance, screw interface components firm and safe, convenient and reliable locking device. And can be used with the Matte Box bracket ,with focus and other accessories,it is the first choice for you to shoot high-quality video.

1. To provide you with a stable and accurate video capture platform.
2. Rrgonomic design, angle and position can be adjusted as needed
3. Installation of video capture series of related accessories
4. With a digital SLR camera and video camera with a 1/4 "screw hole
5.Camera cage bottom with a 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes, can be installed on a tripod to use.
6.Cage with a quick release function, easy to install on the camera, the upper side of the porous design, standard camera screw holes 1/4" and 3/8" can be connected to various types of attachments, such as magic arm, monitors, microphones, etc.
7.Products can be used alone, also matched with other photographic equipment.
8.Increase matte box, easy to adjust the light.
9.Increase follow focus, making focusing easier and more convenient.
10.The cage instead of the original camera platform, can low shot, with better effect.

Net weight:2209g
Material: Aluminum, ABS
Cage Internal Size:20*16 cm

Suitable For:
for Canon 6D 7D 60D 70D 5DII 5DIII Nikon D810 D710 D610 D3X Sony a7 etc. D SLR Camera Video DV Camcoder .

Package Including:
1 x Shoulder Mount
1 x Camera Cage(Suitable for all DSLR cameras and home dv)
1 x Matte Box(Suitable for less than 85mm diameter lens)
1 x Follow Focus
1 x Gear ring Belt(Suitable for less than 100mm diameter lens
1 x Instructions