• Heavy Duty Flexible Tripod
  • Heavy Duty Flexible Tripod

Heavy Duty Flexible Tripod

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The favorite flexible tripod dorned by Vloggers around the world.

Essentially this littler ripper of a thing ticks all of the essential boxes that a great tripod should and then some. Here are the core benefits that this tripod brings to the table.
  • Extremely Functional 
  • Light weight and not cumbersome 
  • Travel friendly, short and long distances
  • Its affordable (bonus!)
  • Adaptable for DSLR, Point & Shoots, Smarphones & GoPro’s
  • Bending the tripod adds extra stabilisation to the video

Having that extra extension gives you a lot more control when trying to fit more in frame. This also gives you room to shift quickly while using a larger camera like a DSLR.

Being able to whip out your camera at a moments notice is the difference between getting a shot and falling flat. Having a flexible tripod definitely assists in helping you capture those moments on the fly. By having your flexible tripod and camera attached at all times, you can start competing in a instant.