• Quick Dual Camera Shoulder Strap
  • Quick Dual Camera Shoulder Strap

Quick Dual Camera Shoulder Strap

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Quick Dual Strap is a set of extremely functional and comfortable shoulder straps, intended for comfortable and safe wearing of photographic equipment. Quick Strap, Quick Strap Kit and Double Strap harness are dedicated to people who expect maximum mobility, comfort and safety during photo shoots. Perfectly suited when shooting weddings, sporting events and hiking outdoors

Construction and assembly method
All sets are based on an anatomically-fitting shoulder strap made of durable, resistant polyester fibers. The Quick Strap shoulder strap has the ability to smoothly adjust the length using the buckles and is equipped with a small zippered pocket, ideal for storing additional memory cards. Quick Strap is attached to the apparatus via a metal, rubber coated plate with a tripod thread and a carabiner with an opening lock. This solution allows you to unplug the camera quickly and safely without dismantling the whole tile. What's more, having an additional mounting plate you can quickly replace the equipment with another one using only the carabiner.

Comfort, speed, mobility and safety
The Quick Strap shoulder strap ensures mobility and the convenience of shooting on the move, saving time needed to hide the equipment in a bag or backpack. Using Quick Strap, we are sure that our camera is protected against falling and can be used at any time, without restricting freedom of movement.

An extensive version of the shoulder Strap Quick Strap are the photo straps Double Strap. They can be used to hang an additional camera or a lens if it is equipped with a tripod foot or a special case.

In both cases the weight of the equipment will be evenly distributed, which will significantly improve the comfort of movement. The Double Strap harness is equipped with a pocket for additional memory cards, which is fastened with a zipper. The set with braces also has two plates with a tripod mount.

Our braces allow quick access to cameras. They have two tripods, which we connect to the standard 1/4 '' output, and on the other hand, we can safely screw the tripod.