• Time Lapse Tripod Head
  • Time Lapse Tripod Head

Time Lapse Tripod Head

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Our Time Lapse Tripod Head is a portable turntable that provides and ideal solution for creating time lapse videos or panoramic stills with GoPro / Action Cameras, Smart Phones and DSLR Cameras. It includes a 1/4-20 camera screw on top and a 3/8 to 1/4-20 socket at the bottom for a tripod, and it can also be used directly on a tabletop or other flat surface. Based on a simple timer mechanism that needs no batteries, the tripod head is capable of panning 360˚ counterclockwise in 60 minutes. For clockwise panning, you can hang the unit upside down, although it is only recommended for Action Cameras. 

DSLR 1/4-20 screw

Compatible with GoPro / Action Cameras

Smart phone mount

Can be used alone or on tripods or sliders

Useful for panoramic shooting and timed sliders